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Chiron November 1, 1996- February 26 , 2011

We have a story – Chiron and Paul and Kimberley. This morning I thought I could tell it, but for now we tell the story, bit by bit, to one another. After the lights are out for the night, we … Continue reading

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This captured me this morning. I needed it. The tenderest scene I’ve experienced in a movie.

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Another December View

Immersed in writing and revising. Letting love and patience move the river of my dreams. For now images of the view from the river.

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30 Stories with Magpie Girl

You know those times when you’re mindlessly surfing because you want to stave off the pile of work in front of you? Well, that’s what I was doing one afternoon not too long ago when I ran smack dab into … Continue reading

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Local Friends

Getting some finishing touches done on Dreaming In Spanish. I’ll be back here soon! Until then meet a couple of my local friends – one’s a chatter box, the other a little timid – but my shoulders automatically loosen when … Continue reading

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Yoga Witness

During yoga practice my mind frets over how I look doing yoga, even with no one else around, and to berate me for “looking ridiculous in the poses” – telling me yoga is for “skinny” people. But then, wandering through … Continue reading

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Cybany Ann July 31,1974- February 3, 2007

I love you.

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