I live in Southern California with my sweet man and two misguided cats. Born in Texas to an Irish mother, adopted by Mississippi gal and a man from Argentina, lived in Argentina with my Italian adoptive grandmother until I was 13. After that I spent the rest of my growing up years in the US, Spain, and Venezuela. As an adult, I came to call the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and New Orléans home. I’m a strange little hybrid.


4 Responses to About

  1. Mariella says:

    Congratulations Kimberley for your new blog! it looks great already, wish you a wonderful journey with it… xo

  2. MaryBeth says:

    So wonderful to meet you Kimberly
    I would love to know when you will be having another Spanish group!
    M summer is booked up,but come Fall I am open.
    Thank You so kindly for your comments =)

  3. Linda-Sama says:

    thank you for reading my blog and for your lovely comment on roundness! your blog title has got to be the best blog title ever!

    metta to you…..

  4. tiajulianna says:

    Just read this….love the “strange little hybrid” aspect! My fella is that way…born of Colombian mother, father from cracker town in Florida, in Mississippi though, and raised in Venezueala until he was 14. Then LA for boarding school. It makes for a very interesting world view and life experience…I love to observe the contrast from those raised in the states.

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