Chiron November 1, 1996- February 26 , 2011

We have a story – Chiron and Paul and Kimberley. This morning I thought I could tell it, but for now we tell the story, bit by bit, to one another. After the lights are out for the night, we lean into each other and remember.

I am grateful for the  kind veterinarian. Before the actual overdose of anesthesia the vet sedated him and gave us as much time as we needed with him. His pain ebbed and his body relaxed. His eyes opened all the way for the first time in days. He watched and listened to us putting his paw out on my hand (an old habit of his). I held him in my arms until he was gone. It surprised the vet that he didn’t have the usual shudder and last gasps. Very peaceful.

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8 Responses to Chiron November 1, 1996- February 26 , 2011

  1. crazytobeme says:

    He’s a beauty – like my Hobbes who left me three and a half years ago. He was also a big beautiful orange tabby… Looked so much like Chiron… I am sorry for your loss… May the orange tabby sized hole in your heart be filled with the love and grace he brought into your life… Peace to you and Paul.

  2. Ohhhhhhh, Kimberley! My heart goes out to you.

    I have your posts sent to my email, when I opened my email just now I didn’t notice the title of the post – only saw the gorgeous photo. I read: “We have a story…” and thought WHAT a beautiful animal…

    I’m grateful with you – for the kind vet. And I’m echoing what crazytobeme said – love, grace and peace. Even though it was years ago, I still remember standing by my dear dog, Woofie (who looked like a fox) in the vets office as he passed – sigh – will be thinking of you often and sending healing thoughts.

  3. Kimberley says:

    Thank you so much for your healing thoughts and good wishes.
    It means much to me.

  4. Oh, Kimberley. I’m glad there was peace in those final moments. May you carry that with you as you grieve and as you heal.

  5. Wendee says:

    Kimberley – I’m so very sorry for your loss; what a handsome soul. Somewhere, he’s off harrassing (or maybe frolicking with, who can really say what cats and dogs will do?) my old buddy, Oslo. Sending warm hugs to you and wishing you, yes, peace and love.

  6. Renee says:

    Hi Kimberley,

    I am so very sorry to hear about Chiron. Sending you over lots and of love and healing thoughts.

    Sorry I’ve been out of action for so very long. I’ve missed our chats. Looking forward to catching up soon.

    Un beso y abrazo fuerte

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