30 Stories with Magpie Girl

Rachelle Mee-Chapman. Providing soulcare to artists and wanderers is my passion. Spiritual misfits, recovering evangelicals, and people with gremlin problems are my specialty. My motto is, “There ain’t nowhere to go, but together.”

You know those times when you’re mindlessly surfing because you want to stave off the pile of work in front of you? Well, that’s what I was doing one afternoon not too long ago when I ran smack dab into Magpie Girl. At least it felt that way as I watched her latest video blog on creativity. Her warmth and sincerity drew me further into her blog where I found intelligence, insight, humor, integrity, compassion and a treasure box full of knowledge.  The time I spent exploring Magpie Girl that day was more than worthwhile and I returned to my work inspired. As a member of Flock and a regular visitor to Magpie Girl I’ve felt understood and valued.


So when the opportunity presented itself to ask Rachelle any question I wanted to and she would create a whole post around it I said sign me up! Because nature plays a role in my spirituality,  I asked how nature fit in to her spiritual perspective, and that I was also curious about why she had a “soft spot for pagans.” Her thoughtful answer is here. If any of you find yourself with a “hybrid spirituality” or if you are struggling trying to fit the ideas of your traditional religion with new insights you are discovering, you’ll find in her answer particularly interesting. Go. Read. She’s an amazing woman.

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1 Response to 30 Stories with Magpie Girl

  1. Amanda says:

    Great questions to ask! I have been catching up on your blog today 🙂

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