*8 Things Thursday

Rachelle over at Magpie Girl asks: “What makes your family get-away iconic? Whether it’s a favorite camp spot, Camp Wanatakee, or something in between; give us your  *8 Things Family Cabin list and take a walk down memory lane.”

This week *8 Things helps me reconnect with my roots in Argentina. I spent most of my childhood living with my Italian grandmother in Buenos Aires. Sometimes we went on family trips to the beach in the Summer, but that’s not what I remember the most. It’s the Sunday family get together’s that happened all year-long, but were especially wonderful in the summer. I want to scan the old pictures soon.

1. The long wooden picnic table that sat in the courtyard under my grandfather’s grapevines loaded with food.

2. Bread crumbs from delicious fresh-baked Italian bread stuck to the tablecloths and our clothes.

3. My grandmother’s ceramic Nativity sitting in the window facing the courtyard. (Summer in Argentina is December – February.)

4. Peaches and little arms sticky with their juice.

5. The sound of the of men laughing and the sound of their Bocce balls hitting the dirt.

6. Spirals of citronella burning to keep the mosquitos away.

7. Accordion music and the voices of children singing with abandon. Grown-ups too.

8. Old fashioned glass and medal seltzer bottles and rows of my grandfather’s homemade wine.

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8 Responses to *8 Things Thursday

  1. Susan Young says:

    sounds fabulous. was there an asado every Sunday? my husband grew up in Argentina and i’ve been a couple times. the scene you set sounds familiar.

  2. K says:

    Hi Susan. Wonderful to have you visit!

    Yes, during the summer months there were asados. My grandfather had a big grill that sat low to the ground. Every part of the cow was prepared to be cooked – brains, kidneys —- everything! I never got a taste for those, or for the blood sausage.

    During the colder months Sundays were all about my grandmother’s pasta: fideos, ravioli, gnocchi – sigh ….. I’ve never tasted pasta like that again!

  3. How lovely to have such memories. So grateful you shared them!

    My eldest daughter spent a few weeks in Argentina a couple Summers ago. She loved it!

  4. moyrascott says:

    My sister in law is from Buenos Aires and when we went over for the wedding I told her one of the things I wanted to do was go to an asado. She laughed. There was an asado every night pretty much! There were often sweetbreads. I couldn’t eat those either! But oooh the steaks…. and the red wine….

  5. Lori-Lyn says:

    This is so lovely, you could write a collection of poems about it! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. It’s wonderful to meet you here.

  6. Abby says:

    Oh, that sounds heavenly!

  7. What beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing them with us! Susan’s son is my godson, and it’s fun to learn more about his Argentinian heritage thru your story.

  8. rachel awes says:

    wow! how about i meet you for peaches & dancing here?!!

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